Suicide Squad

Following last week's insider episode, Rocksteady has now announced a Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League 'closed alpha tech test' for Xbox and other platforms to help test the game's online infrastructure.

You can sign up for this closed alpha tech test on the official game website, but registration does not guarantee entry. The limited audience that does get into this test will be able to try out the game from 30th November until 4th of December.

As the game is still in development, the test will only represent a "smaller, specific section of the campaign" and will not necessarily reflect the final experience. Players who participate are also required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, as this test is "extremely confidential".

Any breach of the NDA could result in "damage to the launch plans for the game" and all gameplay is watermarked with a unique identifier tied to each player's Warner Bros. Games account.

Rocksteady also recently lifted the lid on classic outfit unlocks when players pre-order Kill The Justice League.

Any interest in a closed alpha tech test for this title? Have you watched the recent footage? Tell us below.