Thirsty Suitors will mark one of our very first November 2023 Game Pass drops - it hits the library on launch day tomorrow, November 2nd. Just ahead of release, some early reviews of the game are starting to live, so we thought we'd round up some initial impressions of this upcoming Game Pass indie.

Here's what the critics are saying about Thirsty Suitors ahead of its Xbox Game Pass arrival:

Checkpoint Gaming (9/10)

"Thirsty Suitors is a wicked combination of a warm hug and a shot of tequila. It absolutely nails its colourful, over-the-top style in every aspect, keeping you thirsting to jump into your next dramatic turn-based confrontation or unlock a new ridiculous Summon. At the same time, it explores complex family dynamics through a beautifully simple cooking mechanic, and provides thoughtful reflections on cultural expectations, relationships, and the diversity of the queer experience."

PC Gamer (8.4/10)

"A heartfelt and hilarious couples therapy session, disguised as a stylish RPG. A gem."

Push Square (8/10)

"It's a commentary on societal expectations, living as a second-generation immigrant in a different culture, finding yourself, and accepting others. It's a deep experience packaged in such a light-hearted box, and never feels overbearing. The story of Jala, her family, and friends, each with their own lived experiences, feels so important and relevant to today’s society, and it's a joy to play through."

Eurogamer (4/5)

"Awkwardly placed skateboarding aside, Thirsty Suitors is a confident swing that takes commonplace romantic mishaps and turns them into epic, queer spectacles. It'll have you thinking about all the great people you hurt because you were young and dumb. It'll make you type out a heartfelt text to someone who's basically a stranger now, shortly before deleting it and coming to your senses. But most of all, it'll remind you of how easy it is to catch feelings... for these characters... in a totally chill, non-committal way."

TheSixthAxis (7/10)

"Thirsty Suitors succeeds because it delivers on story. Memorable characters, top-notch voice-over work, and stand-out dialogue all help elevate the average gameplay elements. Ultimately, Jala's is a story that you'll enjoy from beginning to end, even if it does involve suffering through a deluge of QTEs."

Digital Trends (3.5/5)

"Like its hero, Thirsty Suitors is a charmingly messy game that juggles a little more than it can handle. Its multipronged gameplay loop wobbles between inventive and repetitive over the course of its eight-hour story. What it lacks in polish, though, it makes up for with a nuanced narrative about how the past isn’t always a haunting specter to hide from."

Thirsty Suitors currently sits at a respectable Open Critic score of 79, so if this one sounds like your kettle of fish, it could be worth a go on Xbox Game Pass. Expect it to land on the service tomorrow, November 2nd.

What do you reckon? Does Thirsty Suitors sound worth a try? Let us know your thoughts down below.