Alan Wake 2 Seemingly Struggled To Make An Impact On Xbox In October

Alan Wake 2's critical reception was pretty amazing when it launched last month on Xbox; probably better than we expected here at PX HQ to be honest! However, that doesn't always translate to sales & player engagement - and Alan Wake 2 seems to have had a little more trouble in that department.

This week, Circana (NPD) posted its October 2023 charts, and fans started to question why Alan Wake 2 didn't appear at all in the top 20. Well, Circana's Mat Piscatella did a bit of investigating and found that the game struggled quite a bit in terms of player engagement during its launch month.

According to their Player Engagement Tracker, Alan Wake 2 didn't rank in the top 150 played games on either PS5 or Xbox Series X|S last month. Circana's stats only cover the US market, but still, we're quite surprised that one of the month's best-reviewed games didn't make the top 150 played games on either console platform at launch.

When it comes to sales, unfortunately, we don't have any concrete figures. Alan Wake 2 publisher Epic Games doesn't provide its sales figures for the likes of Circana/NPD, so we have to look at most-played charts instead.

Of course, the game did launch towards the end of October, and it's been charting higher in Xbox's "Top Paid Games" charts this month, so there's every chance it'll fare better in November's overall stats. We hugely enjoyed our time with Remedy's recent foray into survival horror, so we wish it all the success possible!

Have you been playing Alan Wake 2? What do you think to these figures? Tell us down below.

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