Digital Foundry's technical verdict on Alan Wake 2 for Xbox Series X|S is here, and it's pretty good news all round. The tech-focused outlet deems the Xbox Series X version the best console release so far, while Series S fares rather well for a less-powerful machine too.

To sum things up, Xbox Series X and PS5 are largely a match when it comes to raw resolution figures, but Series X is a much smoother affair in the frame rate department. This is true across both the quality and performance modes present on Xbox Series X.

"In terms of resolution, the Series X version renders at 1270p in quality mode, with a 4K FSR 2 output resolution. In performance mode, we're looking at a 847p resolution, with an output of 1440p. This makes it a match for the PlayStation 5 version, which extends to visual quality generally.

Frame-rates are where the two systems diverge. Series X, for its part, delivers a very smooth rendition of Alan Wake. In performance mode, it offers close to a locked 60fps, with uncommon exceptions. We can drop a frame or two sometimes during traversal, and there are a few spots that cause momentary frame-rate drops, but the game feels quite smooth in general play."

Over on Xbox Series S, we have just one visual mode running at 30 frames per second. Here's how Digital Foundry sums that version up, along with how it stacks up to PS5:

"Internally, the Series S is operating at or around 720p. That's down from the 847p resolution in the Series X performance mode. Output resolution, though, remains at 1440p, as the two consoles exhibit very similar clarity in stills - and the rare snippet of UI that isn't anti-aliased comes in at a 1440p pixel count.

Performance-wise, the Series S manages a pretty stable 30fps with an update that is a bit more consistent than PS5 but falls slightly short of its more powerful sibling. There are some occasional moments in tougher areas where it can drop frames, though it tends to be well-behaved elsewhere.

For a cut-price console, I think the Series S is delivering a perfectly fine update here, and the excellent motion blur and slower-paced gameplay render the lack of a 60fps option less of an issue than it would be in many other titles."

In general then, the outlet believes Xbox Series X|S is turning in a fine rendition of Remedy's latest classic in Alan Wake 2. If you'd like to read up on our thoughts of the game in general, do check out our full written review - we gave it a very high score!

Are you happy with this turnout for Alan Wake 2 on Xbox? Leave your thoughts on all these technicalities down below.