Xbox Is Fixing An Annoying Issue Related To Microsoft Store Updates

Have you noticed an issue with Microsoft Store updates on your Xbox console lately? In our experience, the store says it needs an update, but then takes a while to start and gets stuck at 100% for ages. If you've suffered the same thing, we've got some good news to share - the Xbox team is aware of the problem and is rolling out fixes for it.

Tucked into the latest Xbox Alpha Skip-Ahead patch notes for Xbox Insiders is the confirmation that various "fixes" are being rolled out to prevent Microsoft Store updates from getting stuck at 100% in the future.

"Fixes to address the Microsoft Store getting stuck at 100% when updating/installing."

We've seen a few Pure Xbox readers mentioning this in recent days and weeks, so it's good to know Microsoft is on the case. Keep in mind that only some Xbox Insiders will get these fixes for now, and they'll roll out to everyone eventually.

Some of the other areas that Xbox is targeting at the moment include a cursor showing up in certain titles for no reason, fixes to address mouse clicks not behaving as expected, and an issue causing unintended steering wheel vibration. If you want to keep up with the latest Xbox Insider improvements, the release notes for all Xbox Insider categories are regularly updated on the official Xbox website, and we try to cover the most notable ones here!

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