Earlier this year we got the news that PC mega-hit Teardown would be coming to consoles in November 2023, and ahead of the game's launch, developer Tuxedo Labs has revealed how the game will perform across Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S systems (thanks, gamingbolt).

Although Teardown will have a variable frame rate due to its sandbox nature, the team has pretty lofty ambitions across Microsoft's pair of current-gen consoles. Here are the performance targets at launch:

  • Xbox Series X Performance Mode: 1080p / 120FPS
  • Xbox Series X Quality Mode: 1620p / 60FPS
  • Xbox Series S: 1080p / 60FPS

The game has a more simplistic art style you could say, but we think these are some solid performance aims here. The team says that Teardown is "completely rendered using ray tracing" so to get it running at these figures would be impressive.

Tuxedo Labs also says that working with Xbox Series S has been "challenging", but an "exciting" prospect to tackle. We'll have to see if all of these aims come to pass when Teardown brings some open world sandbox heisting to Xbox Series X and S on November 15th, 2023.

Are you interested in Teardown, especially if it hits these performance goals on the regular? Let us know what you think!

[source gamingbolt.com]