Update: We've now got a date for this one! Teardown hits Xbox Series X|S on November 15th, 2023.

Pre-orders are officially now live on the Xbox Store, with Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate versions available. The cheapest of these costs just £24.99 / $29.99 and includes a bunch of pre-order bonuses as well.

Original story (Thu 25th May, 2023): Yesterday's PlayStation Showcase delivered lots of third-party announcements that interested us Xbox fans, with huge titles like Assassin's Creed Mirage and Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater unveiled at the Sony show. However, there were also some 'smaller' multi-platform titles shown off, including the highly-rated Teardown.

Since yesterday's livestream wrapped up, this has been getting some serious attention - and for good reason! The open world sandbox title has more than 65k Steam reviews amounting to an 'Overwhelmingly Positive' rating at the time of writing, and a console version is now on course for a 2023 launch.

The game looks like a fair old mashup of different titles and genres. The art style has shades of Minecraft, with the gameplay almost looking like 'GTA-Creative Mode' looking at all the footage out there.

Anyway, here's some more info on Teardown, straight from the dev team:

"With your company pressured by increasing debt, you start accepting work from some more or less shady individuals. Soon you are knee-deep in a murky soup of revenge, betrayal, and insurance fraud.

Beginning with some more or less legitimate assignments, you soon find yourself stealing cars, demolishing buildings, blowing up safes, avoiding trigger-happy robots and more. Upgrade your expanding arsenal of tools by searching for hidden valuables scattered around the environments."

Is this something you'd give a go? Let us know if you'd like to cause havoc and tear sh*t down on Xbox in 2023.