Most Forza Motorsport Players Sticking To Single-Player, It Seems

Forza Motorsport has been out in early access for a couple of weeks now; giving players plenty of time to get stuck into everything Turn 10's new Xbox racer has to offer. Despite the title containing a bunch of single and multiplayer modes at launch, most folks are sticking to single-player for now - at least it seems that way.

According to data gathered by TrueAchievements, just 10% of Xbox players have earned the most basic multiplayer achievement in Forza Motorsport - that being to complete an introductory online race. The numbers over on Steam are slightly higher, but even then, the majority of players seem to be avoiding FM multiplayer at the time of writing.

Of course, it goes without saying that most users probably want to blast through the career mode before tackling much of anything else, so this number could definitely climb as the weeks and months go by. Turn 10 has put lots of effort into overhauling multiplayer this time around though, and we're sure the team is keen to see its online player count rise.

Naturally, we didn't get much opportunity to try out multiplayer during our pre-release playtime, but what we did get to play was very enjoyable. In fact, we noted in our full written review that multiplayer could become something special over time - if the developer and its online community take to the mode as the game grows.

Anyway, if you want to read up on our full Forza Motorsport thoughts, check out the Pure Xbox review down below. In the meantime, we might have to get stuck into some more Forza multiplayer soon to see how things are shaping up now that the game is fully available on Xbox Game Pass!

Are you one of the 10% that's tried out Forza Motorsport multiplayer? Tell us your experience so far down below.