Microsoft 'Doubling Down As A Game Producer' After ActiBlizz Deal, Says CEO

After Microsoft closed its Activision Blizzard deal earlier this month, Xbox Game Studios has grown exponentially. As you can see here, the amount of studios now under Microsoft's wing is kind of mind-blowing, and the company's CEO is relishing the opportunity to start producing more games.

Speaking to Business Insider, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was asked about the importance of its Activision Blizzard acquisition. Nadella responded by talking about gaming's role in modern society, and how he was looking forward to bringing more games to market.

"If I look at it, the amount of time people allocate to gaming is going up and Gen Z is going to do more of that. The way games are made, the way the games are delivered, is changing radically. Whether it's mobile, or consoles, or PCs, or even the cloud. So, we're looking forward to really doubling down both as a game producer and a publisher. Now we'll be one of the largest game publishers and also as a company that's building platforms for it."

We're certainly looking forward to Microsoft becoming a more prolific game maker in the coming months and years as well. There are so many studios Xbox now owns - and it's going to mean a much steadier pipeline of titles will be coming from team green in future.

Let's not forget the potential of Xbox Game Pass growth here too. Sure, we've got wait for that big ActiBlizz drop, but it's coming - and Game Pass will be much more attractive once it arrives. Let's hope Nadella, Phil & co. can keep the Xbox train rolling for years to come!

Which ActiBlizz studios are you ready to hear more from ASAP? Let us know your thoughts down below.