Halo Infinite Leak Shares More Details On Rumoured Battle Royale Mode

Just a few days ago, we heard courtesy of Windows Central's Jez Corden that Halo Infinite was supposedly getting "some form of battle royale" in the future, described as a "huge investment". Now, a new set of details from the Twitter account InfiniteLeaks have appeared to shed a bit more light on the massive mode.

According to InfiniteLeaks, the game mode appears to be known internally as "Tatanka", and could feature four main ways to play - "Default", "DefaultBots", "Duos", and "Quads". In regards to bot lobby sizes specifically, they might feature up to 100 bots, where you can either compete in "last player surviving wins" or "last team wins".

As you can see above, it seems like the mode will feature some kind of objective system called "Operations" as well. All of this should be taken with a pinch of salt — nothing official has been announced by 343 Industries as of yet.

The recent report from Jez Corden mentioned that Certain Affinity has been working on this rumoured battle royale-style mode for over two years, and it's set to be "a big Call of Duty: Warzone scale undertaking." However, he and others have cautioned fans not to expect a "direct mirror" of something like PUBG or Apex Legends:

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