In and amongst a stacked September on Xbox Game Pass, new soulslike Lies of P arrived and since then, the team at Digital Foundry has been hard at work looking at all three of the game's performance modes on Xbox Series X and S.

Amazingly, both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S contain all three modes - including a 40FPS / 120Hz option for those with compatible displays. However, due to a noticeable issue with frame pacing, DF reckons that only one of these modes is really viable at launch.

"There's a 30FPS quality mode, a smoother 40FPS quality mode for those using 120Hz displays, and a 60FPS performance mode. It's rare to see Series S in particular get a full spread of three modes - often, Microsoft's three-litre console has only one or two options.

The final option to check out is the 60FPS performance mode - which is actually the default setting on PS5, Series X and Series S. That makes sense from a playability perspective, as it solves the frame-pacing issues of the quality modes - you get 60 unique frames per second, each at a steady 16.6ms cadence. The increase in fluidity and decrease to input lag makes this the obvious setting to recommend; Lies of P as it was meant to be played."

Of course, the other two modes are still totally playable and if you're enjoying either of them, then more power to you! But for now, it seems that the 60FPS option is the smoothest way to play Lies of P.

If you'd like to read up on how the game plays outside of these frame rate technicalities, be sure to check out our full written review down below.

Have you tried out all of these performance options on Xbox? Let us know which you're sticking to in the comments section!