Analyst Claims PS5 Outsold Xbox Series X|S Almost 5:1 Last Quarter

Sony's PS5 console outselling Xbox Series X|S isn't really a surprise at this stage - in fact, the market has largely favoured PlayStation since the beginning of the Xbox One era. However, a recent sales estimate has surprised us somewhat - mainly for the sheer gap between the two sales figures.

According to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, PS5 outsold Xbox Series X and S by almost five times during the last quarter. Ahmad didn't provide the exact sales figures for Xbox, but he did state the PS5 ones - with the console shifting 4.5 million units last quarter.

This would put Xbox Series X|S sales at under a million during the same timeframe. We're not sure how low that figure is in isolation — especially during a slow quarter for big Xbox releases — but it certainly looks low in comparison to Sony's latest PS5 figures.

Late last year, the overall lifetime sales figures of the two platforms appeared to favour PS5 at roughly a 2:1 rate over Xbox Series X|S. So, things aren't quite so bad when you look at the overall generation, but these latest figures are certainly something to be aware of and could mark a drop off for Xbox sales numbers this gen.

Last week, amidst all of the Xbox turmoil, we questioned whether some of Sarah Bond's comments hinted at a move away from Xbox console hardware in the future. We likely won't have an answer to that for some time — the team is working on next-gen hardware after all — but sales splits like this one certainly bring into question where Microsoft might head next with Xbox.

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