Roundup: Here's What The Critics Think Of Xbox Game Pass Shooter Payday 3

Payday 3 blasted its way onto Xbox Game Pass this week, and the reviews are now starting to roll in from various outlets across the web.

In that case, we'll round up some impressions down below so that you can make a decision on whether this one is worth a Game Pass download! We've also put some early hands-on impressions out there, so we'll include our initial thoughts as well.

Pure Xbox (Early Impressions)

"Ultimately, your Payday 3 mileage will vary depending on how you're expecting to play it. If co-op shooters are your jam and you're ready to get the squad back together then sure, give this one a go on Game Pass and see what you think. If you're more of a solo player, even when it comes to online stuff, then there's probably better options out there to fit that mold. Payday 3 is a solid Xbox FPS, but given how stacked Game Pass is this month, it certainly has work to do to earn your attention."

PCGamesN (8/10)

"Robbing a bank has never felt so good, as Payday 3 is a clear step above its predecessor, which stood the test of time and recently enjoyed its 240th update. The future, however, looks even brighter, as Payday 3’s new heists, strong story, and improved gunplay should see the series recruiting new criminals well into the next decade."

VideoGamer (8/10)

"You’re not robbed by the individual heist experience in Payday 3. From the black and white stripy burglar to the high-tech gun-toting thug with a taste for money or murder, this game offers up gold for all players with elaborate robberies and rewarding chaos, though don’t expect to get hooked just yet. It just needs a little push in the right direction when it comes to content and user optimisation."

IGN (7/10)

"Payday 3 is a solid step forward for my favorite heist simulator franchise, even though that step is a lot smaller than I’d hoped due to a lack of content and the unsurprising but still majorly annoying bugs and performance issues. The awesome combat, greatly improved AI, and especially the stealth options are so massive they alone justify this as a full sequel, and the new and improved heists with clear phases to navigate them are absolutely fantastic. I just wish there was more loot in the proverbial vault at the outset, and that Starbreeze would have used its years of experience in order to ensure this was a more robust and far more stable launch."

Digital Trends (7/10)

"Like a good Danny Ocean plan, Payday 3’s success will hinge on execution. Dedicated fans will find any blind spots quickly and raise the alarm bells. Starbreeze has a strong foundation on its hands thanks to faster gameplay and a strong suite of initial heists, but every little detail will count from here on out."

NME (6/10)

"Payday 3 is brilliant fun, but it wears thin very fast. Despite its phenomenal shootouts and the thrill of pulling off a heist unseen, other tweaks are a step back from Payday 2 and the eight levels on offer won’t keep casual players entertained for long."

Dexerto (6/10)

"Payday 3’s high-octane action and extravagant heists make it another iconic entry into the heist shooter franchise, but it is ultimately held back by a lackluster user interface, matchmaking issues, and online DRM. While these problems can be addressed in later patches — as Starbreeze proved with its post-launch support for Payday 2, the game ends up feeling a little half-baked in its current state."

At the moment, the game has a 69 Metacritic score and has landed at a 72 rating on Open Critic, and most of the reviews so far fall around that average. Payday 3 sounds like another decent addition to Xbox Game Pass then, especially if you're a co-op fanatic!

Are you planning on squading up in Payday 3 on Xbox? Tell us your heist plans in the comments section down below.