Last week we caught wind of the surprise news that Resident Evil 4 DLC was on the way, and ahead of its upcoming release, Capcom has dropped the 'Separate Ways' DLC launch trailer showcasing some in-game zombie-slaying action.

For those of you who are familiar with the original Resident Evil 4, this was a post-game bonus episode of sorts that had you playing as Ada Wong - a character who is very prominent in the main game and the remake. See her kicking butt and taking names in the new clip up above!

"Separate Ways tells the story of Ada Wong and her parallel journey through the events of Resident Evil 4, filling in unanswered questions from the main story. The full story will be revealed as you view both sides of events from both Ada and Leon’s viewpoints."

Mainstay RE game mode 'Mercenaries' is also getting an update alongside Separate Ways, with Ada Wong and Albert Wesker becoming available as playable characters for all Resident Evil 4 players - regardless of whether they own the DLC or not.

All of this new Resident Evil 4 Remake goodness lands for Xbox Series X|S on September 21st, 2023.

Going your separate ways on Xbox this week? Let us know if you're picking up the new RE4 DLC pack!