As if Resident Evil 4 wasn't already incredible enough, we're getting new content next week! Capcom has announced that the Separate Ways DLC as well as a Mercenaries update will arrive on September 21st, 2023.

For those who aren't aware, Separate Ways was included in most releases of the original Resident Evil 4 as a post-campaign minigame. This new version will be shown off in an additional gameplay trailer on September 18th.

"Separate Ways tells the story of Ada Wong and her parallel journey through the events of Resident Evil 4, filling in unanswered questions from the main story. The full story will be revealed as you view both sides of events from both Ada and Leon’s viewpoints."

As for The Mercenaries, the two new playable characters (Ada Wong and Albert Wesker) will be available to use in the mode, and it sounds as though you won't need to have purchased the DLC in order to access them.

You can check out the timestamped trailer up above, and we've thrown some screenshots below!

"Baby Eagle has been secured. The elusive Amber, however, is a different story. The Separate Ways DLC tells Ada Wong's side of Resident Evil 4's story. Look forward to an additional gameplay trailer on September 18th."

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