The Console Chronicles
Image: Lost in Cult

Our sister site Time Extension is collaborating with award-winning boutique publisher Lost in Cult to produce a coffee table book on the history of home console gaming.

"The Console Chronicles is a celebration of every system that you hold dear," says Lost in Cult. "We’ll travel back in time to when the NES felt like an impossibility, pondering the beginnings of this new artistic frontier. Rivalries will be revisited, ending with treaties drawn as we explore hardware that now exists in harmony — spotlighting the communities formed around it."

Spanning more than 400 pages and covering all nine generations of home video game hardware, The Console Chronicles will cover some of the greatest systems ever to grace your living room – including the original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Pure Xbox editor Fraser Gilbert is one of the many writers involved with the book and will be joined by fellow Hookshot Media staffers Alana Hagues, Alex Olney, Gavin Lane, Ollie Reynolds, Stephen Tailby, Aaron Bayne, Liam Doolan and PJ O'Reilly.

Also contributing to the book are Julian "Jaz" Rignall (C&VG, Mean Machines), Kurt Kalata (Hardcore Gaming 101), James Mielke (1UP), Sara Heritage, Christian Donlan (Eurogamer), Ashley Day (GamesTM), Jon Cartwright (Good Vibes Gaming), Darryl Still (Atari), Van Burnham (Supercade), Tom Charnock (The Dreamcast Junkyard) and many, many more.

The Console Chronicles will be sponsored by The Embracer Games Archive. Based in Karlstad, Sweden, The Embracer Games Archive is one of the most active forces in the realm of video game preservation, and its collection currently stands at over 80,000 games, consoles, and accessories.

You can pre-order the book right now by heading over to the Lost in Cult website. Should you choose to support this venture, then you can rest easy in the knowledge that you're helping to fund the work done by the Hookshot Media network as a whole, as well as the incredible efforts of Lost in Cult.

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The Console Chronicles will launch in Q2 2024.