Today's the day for the first selection of Forza Motorsport previews! Various outlets have been getting hands-on with the new Xbox racer recently, and the good news is that nearly all of them have had very positive things to say so far.

Here's a look at some Forza Motorsport impressions from across the web:

Video Games Chronicle

"This has been three times longer than Turn10 has ever spent between Forza Motorsport releases, and the short taster we’ve had so far has us itching to get our hands on the final product to see how that extra development time has been spent. This could just be the racing game of this generation – time will tell."


"Right now, it's the new gameplay systems and mechanics that offer minor but impactful changes, and the foundation of a proper live service model with long-term potential, that entice me most."


"Unsurprisingly, it does look and feel fabulous – but it’s the more thoughtful tweaks to the moment-to-moment racing out on track that have me the most interested."

Sports Illustrated

"Shifting the franchise's focus on circuit motorsport culture seems to hit the mark so far, and the same can be said for prioritizing car development over a bloated garage. Forza Motorsport is feeling great, and we look forward to completing our run on Builders Cup and testing some online gameplay in time for our review."

Windows Central

"I'm very excited for Forza Motorsport (2023). Following the resounding success that is Starfield, Xbox is poised to secure two massive victories at the close of 2023 with Turn 10 Studios' impending masterpiece."


"If you like racing games, this looks and plays tantalisingly like the racing game I’ve wanted Forza to become forever. I love the new approach, I genuinely learned things, and I’m eagerly anticipating the release even more now."


"Once again, the Turn 10 team is making some bold structural choices about how to tie all this together, which may or may not pay off — but at least this time, those choices are all about what happens on the track."

It's sounding like Forza Motorsport is going to live up to the hype, and we've only got a few weeks to go until we find out for sure! The game officially releases as part of Xbox Game Pass on October 10th, although the early access version arrives a few days earlier on October 5th - very similar to how Starfield launched earlier this month.

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