Stray made its way to Xbox last month after a year of being PlayStation-exclusive, and outlet Digital Foundry has taken a look at how the new Xbox versions stack up in comparison.

The new-gen versions of this cat-tastic adventure are perhaps as we expected here - Xbox Series X runs at full 4K 60FPS while Xbox Series S sticks to the same frame rate target at 1080p. Both versions are pretty smooth as well, outside of the odd hiccup mostly limited to cutscene playback.

However, the last-gen Xbox consoles throw up some interesting results, especially Xbox One X. Microsoft's 2017 mid-gen console aims for 60FPS at an even higher resolution than Xbox Series S, but the results are wildly inconsistent. In practice, One X rarely hits 60FPS at all and the resolution still drops all the way down to the 1080p range, as you can see in the video up above.

"Overall, Xbox One X offers an ambitious, but on balance unsuccessful trade between performance and image quality. For those without VRR-supported displays, it would benefit hugely from a 30FPS cap option."

In truth, we're glad the team decided to go for consistency over pure number-chasing on current-gen consoles - both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S look very consistent running at their 60FPS targets!

DF has delivered the technical results then, and Stray remains a very impressive indie outing on Xbox. If you'd like some thoughts on the game itself, we'll drop last month's hands-on impressions down below.

Are you surprised by Xbox One X here? Let us know your thoughts on these findings down below.