As Of Last April, Xbox Series S Accounted For 75% Of Microsoft's Current-Gen Console Sales

In yet more FTC document leaks, information about Xbox Series X and S sales data has started to proliferate, and the results might be surprising to some. As spotted by IGN, in April 2022 Microsoft said that the Xbox Series S accounted for 75% of total Xbox Series sales since launch.

That's a hefty amount for a console that often gets labelled as 'not next-gen', and it clearly shows the benefit of launching two different consoles right off the bat. We can't complain at more options for Xbox customers either!

Although you might imagine Xbox Series X to be the more popular current-gen system, Series S coming out on top here actually makes a lot of sense. During that time period, stock for Series X was still quite hard to come by, and the Series S proved a very viable alternative during the pandemic - at $299 to boot.

Anyway, we wonder if this split has swayed more in Series X's favour since then? It seems likely given the console is much easier to find in 2023. If the rumoured all-digital model does indeed launch next year as well, that could help the split swing even further towards Xbox Series X.

What do you make of this split? Are you surprised to see Series S become the more popular choice? Let us know below.