Upcoming Lord Of The Rings Game Delayed To 2024, But Only On Xbox

This is a strange one! The publishing team behind The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria has announced the game's delay to 2024... but only on Xbox. Yep, the upcoming co-op survival spin on the LOTR franchise is hitting PC and PS5 on October 24th (December 5th for physical copies), but the Xbox Series X|S version isn't coming out until "early 2024".

At the time of writing we have no concrete explanation for the Xbox-specific delay, so we're hoping that it's just a case of the team prioritising certain versions of the game to launch before others. Recently, Baldur's Gate 3 was delayed on Xbox due to issues developing for the Series S, which we're hoping doesn't become a regular thing in the coming years.

If the delay isn't putting you off at all and you're still interested in this one when it comes to Xbox, here's a bit more info on LOTR: Return to Moria:

"In The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria players will create their own custom Dwarf before venturing into the cavernous mines of Moria alone or together with a company of fellow Dwarves online. Each adventure into the depths will bring unique challenges and opportunities through the use of procedurally generated environments, creating nearly endless possibilities as players seek the deepest delves of the Dwarves.

Excavate the mysteries of the Misty Mountains, extract precious metals prized by Dwarves, rebuild and refire forges that have long since gone cold, and learn the secret of the Shadow that lurks within."

Would you like more of an explanation for this Xbox delay? Let us know your thoughts down below.