Starfield Xbox Series X Console Wrap Spotted In-Person, And It Looks Even More Beautiful

Okay, so, there's lots going on at Gamescom this week, but some of those in attendance have their priorities well and truly sorted out here. Those priorities are to do with locking eyes on the new Xbox Series X console wraps - specifically the gorgeous Starfield edition which we're very keen to see in person.

While we haven't managed to get our hands on one of these just yet, they're on display at the Gamescom 2023 Xbox booth, and boy do they look pretty. Here's the Constellation-themed console wrap in all its glory:

We're loving all of the little details on this โ€” like the wrap itself pointing out various Series X components โ€” and it looks like it'll match the existing Starfield headset & controller options nicely. The rear of the wrap looks super cool too, especially with the big logo on there!

If this is the first time you're seeing this, Microsoft announced a set of Xbox Series X 'Console Wraps' earlier this week as a way for fans to kit out their consoles with different designs. Three themes have been revealed so far - all of the designs and pre-order details are available down below.

Will you be getting one of these when they launch? Let us know if you think this looks even better IRL!