We didn't see this collaboration coming! As part of Xbox's big marketing push for Starfield, the team at Bethesda has partnered with music outfit Imagine Dragons to launch 'Children of the Sky' - a brand-new song to coincide with Starfield's launch.

We're not hugely familiar with Imagine Dragons' catalogue of tunes admittedly, but this music video is pretty bloody epic, and it's getting us right in the mood for jetting off to the stars. That seems to be the band's aim as well:

Clearly, they're big fans of all things Bethesda Game Studios and are "honored to have collaborated" with the team on Children of the Sky. It even incorporates elements of the game's original soundtrack, which makes it fit with the world of Starfield even more!

If this has put you right in the mood to jump in on day one, we've created a handy guide on when everyone can play Starfield, which we'll drop down below. Early access, day one, Game Pass players - we've got you covered!

What do you think to this new Starfield collab? Leave your thoughts on Children of the Sky down in the comments.