Saints Row Update 1.5 Now Live Ahead Of Final Expansion Coming To Xbox Next Week

Developer Volition has announced the launch date for its final Saints Row Expansion as the team continues to update the open world title. 'A Song of Fire and Dust' lands on August 8th, a month or so after its previous add-on came to Xbox consoles.

Here's a short description of what to expect from the expansion:

"When a crippling ambush decimates the Dustlanders, it’s up to fierce rivals Bossonius and Gwendolyn Firebird to join forces and defend The DustFaire from a new foe."

Alongside info on the upcoming expansion, the dev team has detailed an extensive list of patch notes to address some of the community's biggest requests, including "challenge tracking, fixes for achievements and trophies, better layering in customization, more fixes for combat and skills plus tweaks to accessibility modes." As has become the norm with these Saints Row expansion updates, the team has also added a new area to the game for free - this time the 'Vallejo' district.

Here are the full update 1.5 patch notes for Saints Row - the update is now live ahead of next week's DLC launch:


Better support for clothing layers. You can now layer necklaces, wrist items and jackets that you couldn’t before.

Adjusted difficulty of late game encounters for the “Boss” difficulty (and similar custom settings). Adjusting the difficulty on harder modes to scale more appropriately.

Added new vehicle, emotes, and clothing items from A Song of Ice and Dust DLC.

Added enhanced visuals when player is wet.


Eliminated a bug with fine aim not snapping to the target.

The Minigunner will no longer run around and be invulnerable after being knocked back by the Pain & Gain.

Adjusted camera when firing rifles in fine aim.

Melee NPCS will no longer just stand in place while in combat.

Fixed Notoriety being stuck on level 3 under certain conditions.

Molotov is now working correctly when thrown by the Panteros.

Pedestrians will no longer leave their vehicles to flee combat.

Adjusted damage of NPC grenades being thrown.

Factions call in ability now works properly when fighting multiple factions.

Panteros Bombers will no longer hold the Molotov and gun in the same hand after throwing the Molotov.

NPCs on fire now properly run around like they are on fire.

All weapons should now properly show hit markers on hit.

Corrected AI for melee NPCS when attacking the player.

Adjustments were made to the health and shield values of specific Idol and Police NPCS.

Enemies are no longer invulnerable when animating their dodge and staggering.


Fixed a range of localization and text issues throughout the game.

Made changes to help remove desync while playing in co-op.

Fixed placement of HDR settings in the settings menu.

The “Incompatible game version” error message will no longer show up when attempting to join a co-op session.

Corrected many problems with the weather states.

Idols will no longer spawn outside gameplay bounds during Flashpoints.

Doc Box HQ Collectibles now has correct lighting.

Fixed an issue with player vaulting.

Hostile NPCS will now properly remove players out of their vehicles.

Items in shops should all now have their correct thumbnails.

Players will no longer experience an infinite load after building saints tower and starting a mission.

Players will no longer experience an infinite load after fast traveling to Sunshine Springs while in co-op.

Pause menu should no longer break when used.

Moved placement of FSR settings in the menu.

Made pedestrian NPC audio lines play for both players while in co-op.

Added references to near/far camera controls in controller layout.

Fixed an issue with the “Host is currently busy” window not clearing when trying to join a player in co-op.

Fixed players have weird behavior when being launched from a car while in co-op.

Fixed an issue where players lose functionality when being downed in missions or activities in certain conditions.

Eliminated clipping issues in emotes.

Corrected display of skins when starting a criminal venture.

Fixed materials on ammo boxes.

Maps no longer render past edges when completely zoomed out.

Players will no longer load into a single player game as a previous co-op partner’s avatar.

Clear Hud button will work properly when opened in the Camera.

Backing out of the Chicken Dinner Cosmetic Pack DLC details screen will no longer send the player to a blank screen.

Adjusted cursor range when viewing the cell phone map zoomed out.

Fixed control sticks deadzones resetting to 15 when restoring defaults.

Forced underwear will no longer default to off when using restore to defaults.

Player will no longer lose functionality when pausing the game while at the empire table.

Loading a save multiple times in one session will no longer break animations.

Players will no longer see a “Items not unlocked” interface when loading a late game save in co-op.

Players will no longer lose functionality when trying to fast travel and getting a mission invite at the same time.

NPCS will no longer attack the players in Saints HQ.

Streetlamps will no longer illuminate after being destroyed.

Map icons no longer disappear after 7 Ventures are built.

Fixed NPCS and vehicles sometimes not loading in after completing a Venture or Mission.

Quick time events are being set to on when using restoring to defaults.

Saints AI now follow proper road splines upon district completion.

The client now properly loads into the host’s game when waiting to join while the host is in a mission.

Player’s health regeneration now works properly when out of combat.

Added clear co-op messaging throughout the game to help players understand when co-op is possible.

Cycle your next on your map option now properly shows the correct destination on the map.

Radio station button prompts now display correct buttons if player changes key binds.

Tutorials will no longer appear when Tutorial Frequency is set to off.


Players can now properly complete “Wing It” on the PS4.

“Untouchable” achievement is now unlocking properly.

“A Young Empire” is now unlocking properly.

“Jack of All Trades” is now unlocking properly


Terminal Velocity challenge should now properly register for both players while in co-op.

Sideswipe progress should now be properly updated.

Desert Daredevil should now properly update for both players in co-op.

Chalupacabra challenge pack should now properly update for both players in co-op.

Bright Future Challenges should now be properly updated for both players in co-op.

Challenges should now be progressing when killing enemies from the passenger seat of a VTOL or Tank.

Kills with the Smelterville slugger should correctly count.

Wing it challenge should properly register progress for both players in co-op.

Adjusted requirements for the “Sunday Sunday Sunday” challenge.

Crowbar challenge now properly progresses.

The Collective challenge now properly updates while in co-op.

Masks bought now count towards the store challenge.

Players should now be properly credited for the “Destroy Enemy Vehicles with a towed object” challenge.

Carjack a Police Vigilance now properly restricts challenge to the Police Vigilance.


Perks now properly start at 0 instead of 4.

Players now generate flow when equipping “In the Flow” perk.

Ambidextrous now works properly when the player enters and exits a vehicle.


Exterminated a bug with several boots having clipping issues with large character body type.

Weapon customization will no longer reset to default when loading a save.

Players can now change the colors of clothes that are under other clothes.

Fixed many clipping and disappearing issues when viewing clothes in the customization app.

Player’s hair will no longer be affected by removing the Marshall outfit from the First F@$!ng Day Mission.

Cargo Pants will no longer crash the game.

Clothes will not have missing parts when certain shirts and pants are combined.

All hats should no longer have empty spaces and behave properly when worn.

Shirts can now be customized while a jacket is being worn.

Players can no longer have makeup kits applied to them without buying them while exiting the menu.

Makeup will now be reapplied when exiting the menu without selecting an option.

Calavera with Purple Flower Crown is now in the correct menu.

Players will no longer crash while trying to change their hairstyle in missions.

Player will no longer lose functionality when viewing new items in the outfit menu.

Players will no longer spawn with the other players customization settings while in activities.

Players can now see changes to Demon Wings when adjusting the color.

Sunshine springs threats no longer say, “District Income Increased” but instead properly say “District Control Increased.”

Client will no longer be stuck in an infinite load when exiting customization menus.

Player can now open the style app after being killed in certain scenarios.

Clothes will no longer return to their default setting when using a contrast setting.

Underwear will now be included when buying a boss from the sharing menu.

Color slot 4 does appear when selecting Cutting Edge Materials.

“Bevel” and “Cat Scratches” scars no longer remain on the player.


Vehicles can once again have tether equipped while in the garage.

Fixed an issue with camera being low to the ground while customizing the carts.

Players are no longer able to be ejected from vehicles while hitting destructible objects.

The camera will no longer zoom in to the player when entering aerial vehicles.

Neds Chicken Skipper is now properly awarded to both players in co-op.

The Helicopters cannon is no longer able to kill another helicopters pilot from any frontal angle.

Towing cable is no longer available to be attached to the Hover Bike.

Motorcycles will no longer vibrate when stationary.

The player is properly ejected from a bike when colliding with something at high speed.

Vehicle health bars are now properly showing up when vehicles are damaged by NPC’s or players.

Vehicle Delivery now works when the player is not near a road.

Hoverbike weapons will no longer display as equipped when player switches seats.


Player’s speed will no longer be slowed from being hit by the Pain & Gain by their co-op partner.

The MDI-68 Focus Rifle’s meter now fills properly after being charged.

The Rifles ammo count will now show the correct amount while in fine aim.

Fixed weapons entering improper states while switching weapons.

Adjusted damage bars when weapons are fully upgraded.

Panteros Sledgehammer no longer consumes Flow with heavy attacks.

Weapons that should force heavy deaths are now properly forcing heavy deaths.

Handcannon now has proper ammo in the magazine when equipped from the weapon shop while dual wield perk is active.

The MDI-50 Tac Shotgun is no longer available as a skin for other shotguns.

Idols skin for the bat now tracks specialist kills properly.


The helicopter will no longer fly around and spin when the player resets into the helicopter.

Players will properly be teleported back to the helicopter when not landing on the buildings.

Players will no longer see each other in a ragdoll state in the helicopter after hitting the ground and resetting.

Audio clips during the activity will only be played once.

Players will no longer be stuck unable to jump out of the Helicopter after being reset.

Fixed an issue were NPCS sometimes don’t spawn.


Friendly NPCS will no longer stand in place when joining player in combat.

Enemy arrivals no longer stop outside mission area.


GPS to next venture goal now works properly when all instances of gameplay have been completed.


Player now properly receives money for destroying structures or killing enemies in activity.


Trucks will no longer have a chance to be driverless.


Rewards are now properly given to both players while in co-op.

Corrected combat area for certain @tcha’s to allow for better AI pathing.


Fixed a crash when players arrived at the final waypoint while at top speed.


Made it so certain police vans cannot be invulnerable.


Objective now properly updates if the master is killed with the Flaming Punch

Flaming punch is now usable after completing the first mission of Dojo.


Players will no longer experience a loss of functionality when aborting murder circus.

Players will no longer experience an infinite load when entering the achievements menu while in the first cinematic.

Players are not able to start Murder Circus through the mission’s app in an unintended state.

Removed default aim reticle while in scoped weapons.

Players now start the activity with full ammo their weapons magazine.

Fine Aim reticle will no longer override scoped weapons overlay.

Adjusted water levels so player doesn’t improperly enter a swimming animation.


First F@$!ng Day

- Fixed mission failing when skipping cinematic in co-op.

- Players will no longer be stuck in menu controls when exiting to the main menu while in co-op.

- Players outfit will no longer change when exiting the APC.

Making Rent

- Panteros will no longer run away from the player when entering the junkyard fight.

- Players will no longer spawn under the map when in the wardrobe after tutorial video plays.

Peter Principle

- The props in the final fight are now destructible again.

Be Your Own Boss

- Removed several table props being seen in the final cutscene.

Idol Threats

- Fixed an issue with player experiencing an infinite load after skipping a cutscene in the mission.

- Auto aim no longer snaps to the enemy helicopter.

The Forge

- NPCs will no longer enter a brief falling animation when shot.

Take Me to Church

- Players will no longer be stuck on an infinite load screen before the final cutscene.

The Great Train Robbery

- Marshall enemies will no longer spawn outside of the mission area.

Non-Compete Clause

- Gatling gunner will no longer be idle when approached by the co-op player first.

The Dustmoot

- Invisible objects are no longer blocking players path in mission.

The Rod Warrior

- Players will no longer crash when using nitro upon entering the bowelrod.

Idol Hands

- Notoriety will no longer affect idol NPC spawns.

Stiff Competition

- Adjusted several shirts that were clipping through the players neck during cutscenes during the mission.

- Put the mime’s outfit back on the mime.

My Game, My Rules

- Players will no longer experience an infinite load while skipping the intro cutscene.

- Corrected an issue with the game crashing while starting the mission.

- Players should no longer hit an infinite load when restarting from checkpoint while in co-op.

Identity Theft

The bus in the mission now behaves properly.

Adjusted behavior of Chris Hardy during the mission.

Breaking Ground

- The “Use the criminal Empire Table” objective will no longer remain active when exiting the venture table after declining in the fast travel.


Players are no longer able to activate throwable skills while dodge rolling.

Corrected requirements to use skills shown on icons with what they cost.

RPG explosion signature ability will no longer freeze the Skills app on the phone.

D4th Blossom

- Skill will no longer become stuck when using it while there is no ammo in the magazine.

- SMGS are no longer kept by the player after the skill ends.


- Players will no longer be stuck when using a melee weapon after using smokescreen.

Pineapple Express

- Does proper splash damage when game is on higher difficulties.


PC settings should no longer be showing up on console builds.

Dirty Cheats

- Infinite ammo now stays active after completing missions.

- Client now receives notifications when host activates Dirty Cheats.


- Adjusted murder circus tool tips to work with colorblind mode.

- Adjusted descriptions while full caps setting is enabled.

- Players can no longer set key binds to actions that do not have key binds by default.

- Restoring defaults no longer changes color blind mode to Deuteranopia.

- Highlight method changed to Border when loading saves.

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