Roboquest developer RyseUp Studios has announced a release window for the game's full 1.0 launch. The colourful cell-shaded FPS is leaving early access in 'Autumn 2023' - and the game is still in Xbox Game Pass to boot.

Yep, Roboquest launched on consoles as a Game Preview title this January across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S - although it did come to PC Game Pass a year earlier. Still, as titles typically stay in Game Pass for at least a year, we fully expect the console version of Roboquest to be available to subscribers for at least a good few months beyond its 1.0 launch this fall. Here's a bit more on what to expect from the full release:

"The launch version will release with a massive amount of new content including new levels, enemy types, weapons, perks, and more! PC gamers looking to experience Roboquest’s fast-paced mechanized FPS combat ahead of its Autumn launch can purchase the early access version now on Steam or Xbox for $19.99.

Originally released as an Early Access title on Steam in August 2020, Roboquest has remained a highly reviewed title known for its fluid fast-paced movement and gunplay, vast customization options, and challenging roguelite gameplay. Recently Publisher Starbreeze Entertainment signed with Developer RyseUp Studios to develop Roboquest’s most definitive version yet and continue the game’s journey beyond 1.0!"

For now we don't have a more specific date beyond that Autumn window, but we should hear more soon given we're well into August at this point. Hopefully Roboquest stays on Xbox Game Pass for a while after its 1.0 release!

Have you tried Roboquest in Game Preview? Let us know if you're excited for the 1.0 launch down below.

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