One Of Capcom's Recent Resident Evil Remakes Is Now The Best-Selling RE Game Ever

Capcom is certainly on a roll at the minute, as evidenced by the massive resurgence of the team's Resident Evil series. And, tucked into a new financial report released by the Japanese company, we now know that one of its recent remakes has just become the best-selling Resident Evil game ever (thanks, GameSpot).

2019's Resident Evil 2 is now the cream of the RE crop; clocking in at 12.6 million units sold. It's just overtaken Resident Evil 7 which has shifted 12.4 million copies - the franchise as a whole isn't far from 150 million sales at this point either (146m is the current total).

To say it only dropped in March, Resident Evil 4 Remake ain't doing so bad either, coming in at 4.9 million sales so far. We'd imagine the team is quite pleased with how Resident Evil has grown since its effective series reboot with RE7 in 2017.

We've been fans of pretty much every Resi game since that point, so we commend what the team is doing over there. Resident Evil 2/3/7 were recently added to the next-gen optimized list as well, so if you haven't dipped into many of these newer RE games, well, there's another reason to play them on Xbox Series X|S!

If the latest entry in the franchise is what you're interested in most, we'll drop our thoughts on the 'Outstanding' Resident Evil 4 Remake down below.

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