SnowRunner seems to have just grown in popularity in recent years, especially since its arrival on Xbox Game Pass, and now publisher Focus Interactive has announced the next game in the series.

Developer Saber Interactive is going back to its muddy roots with the announcement of Expeditions: A MudRunner Game, a follow-up to both MudRunner and the aforementioned SnowRunner. Here's what to expect from this new off-roading affair:

"With Expeditions, players will recognize elements that define the MudRunner experience - untamed lands, difficult terrains, and unprecedented vehicle-driving physics - while pushing the formula even further.

Expeditions is a real call to adventure, where players will utilize newly gadget-packed vehicles and an expert crew to explore uncharted gorgeous landscapes and discover breathtaking landmarks."

Are you getting stuck in the mud in Expeditions: A MudRunner Game? Let us know what you make of this new reveal down in the comments!