Bethesda Exec Urges Patience In Response To Restless Starfield & Fallout Fans

With the release of Starfield now just a few short weeks away, Bethesda is going through an incredibly busy time right now, and head of marketing Pete Hines has urged fans who are requesting more information to remain patient.

Hines initially responded to a fan's question about details on the planned Xbox Series X and S upgrade for Fallout 4 a few days ago, telling them over on Twitter that Starfield is the priority for the time being:

Following this, Hines was asked when the preload will go live for Starfield and when the full game will be announced as having gone "Gold", with Hines urging them to "take a deep breath" and wait a bit longer:

When it comes to Starfield, we obviously haven't got long to wait now. Early access begins on September 1st, so the 125GB preload should be imminent, and an announcement about the game going "Gold" could be dropping any day.

As for Fallout 4, though? That's... not as obvious. We haven't really heard anything about the Xbox Series X|S version since it was announced in October of last year, and to be honest we don't expect to hear much until late in 2023. It's definitely coming at some point, but patience is definitely the name of the game with this one!

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