We're going to see lots of gameplay for various titles appear at Gamescom 2023 folks, and here to show its metallic might this afternoon is Robocop: Rogue City ahead of its September launch on Xbox.

In the video clip above you can feast your eyes on a solid 16 minutes of Robocop rampaging through the war-torn streets of future Detroit. Spoiler alert: criminals get blown up as Robocop racks up a solid body count.

In all seriousness this actually looks like good double-A gaming fun, even if Robocop looks a bit too tank-like at times to control. It's to be expected we guess, but yeah, maybe some sort of mobility upgrade could make for more fluid action as the campaign progresses.

At the time of writing, Robocop: Rogue City has a release window of September 2023 - Nacon hasn't nailed down a solid date yet but unless there's an impending delay we're expecting to hear of the launch date very soon.

Are you going to be playing as Robocop next month? Tell us what you think of the new gameplay!