Xbox Wireless Headset Receives Massive 50% Discount At Walmart

If you're in the market for an Xbox headset, then you'll be interested to know that the official Xbox Wireless Headset is currently discounted by 50% at Walmart, bringing it down from $99.99 to just $49.99 right now!

You'll probably need to be quick with this one, as it seems to be a very popular deal already...

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If you end up missing out on this deal, Amazon also recently discounted the Xbox Wireless Headset to $76.76, although it's since gone back up to $84.99 (this may change again for Prime Day next week!). An option in the UK is the Microsoft Store, where the headset is currently down to £69.99 - a saving of £20 compared to the standard price.

In our review of the Xbox Wireless Headset a couple of years ago, we mentioned how we were "confident" the headset would "satisfy the average user thanks to it's quality design, durable build and affordable pricing". Since then, Xbox has also released an even cheaper non-wireless version of the headset called the "Stereo Headset" which is currently £46.99 / $46.99 on the Microsoft Store - as you can see above.

We're even getting a Starfield branded version of the Xbox Wireless Headset very soon, so if you're particularly excited for the launch of that game this September, you may feel like it's worth spending a little extra money on it!

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