Xbox Exec Responds To 'Confusion' About Elden Ring And Game Pass

Late last week, you may recall that there was a lot of talk on social media about the potential of Elden Ring coming to Xbox Game Pass, sparked by a seemingly innocent emoji quiz by Xbox's Sarah Bond on Twitter.

Nevertheless, we saw countless Xbox fans speculating (or at least hoping!) that Elden Ring could be on its way to the service, but unfortunately that isn't the case. Bond addressed this in a tweet on Monday, explaining that she "didn't mean to confuse" people with her quizzes, and stating there are "no hidden messages" in any of them.

"Didn’t mean to confuse by starting with a bunch of Game Pass games. This is just a game about games— no hidden messages about Game Pass or anything else . . . I’m an emoji fan. On a long flight I made these game-name-emoji-puzzles, and decided to share just for fun."

There's always a chance that we may see Elden Ring on Xbox Game Pass eventually, but it seems fairly unlikely due to the fact that developer FromSoftware doesn't feature in the Game Pass library at all right now. That said, the publisher of Elden Ring is Bandai Namco which has brought the likes of Scarlet Nexus and Pac-Man Museum+ to the service in the past, so never say never!

If you'd rather not wait, don't forget that Elden Ring is currently 30% off in the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale 2023, bringing it down to £38.49 / $41.99. That might still sound like a lot, but we definitely think it's worth the money.

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