Xbox's Sarah Bond Accidentally Raises Hopes Of Elden Ring On Game Pass

Something we've noticed over the past couple of days is that there's a been a lot of chatter about Elden Ring and Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, there's almost certainly nothing to get excited about based on where it stems from.

Back on Tuesday, Xbox's Sarah Bond posted a series of emojis on Twitter asking people to guess what game she was alluding to. The answer was Elden Ring, and this drew speculation that Elden Ring might be coming to Game Pass:

When it was pointed out that Sarah does this kind of thing all the time with various games, others mentioned that she almost always picks Xbox Game Pass titles, so Elden Ring was a particularly strange choice.

Sarah has yet to respond to the flood of tweets she's been receiving about this, but she has since posted another emoji quiz about a totally non-Game Pass related title in the form of the 1972 classic Pong:

Basically then, it's very unlikely that there's a hint about Elden Ring coming to Xbox Game Pass in Sarah's original tweet. We've seen so much reaction to it, but it seems like a case of wishful thinking more than anything else.

Hopefully we may see Elden Ring on Xbox Game Pass one day, but it probably won't be anytime soon.

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