Todd Howard Says Xbox's Support On Starfield Has Been 'Incredible'
Image: Bethesda

There's a lot of curiosity surrounding just how much Xbox is supporting Bethesda on certain projects, and during a recent appearance on the 'Kinda Funny Games Xcast', Todd Howard was asked about this in relation to the upcoming release of Starfield.

Reiterating on previous comments, Todd described Phil Spencer, Matt Booty and the team's support in general as "incredible". He went as far as mentioning how it's allowed Bethesda to be even more "ambitious" and take even more risks.

"We're focusing on what we can do on this game. I'll say that Xbox has been, their support has been incredible on this, Phil, Matt Booty, and the team over there. Obviously we worked with them for a long time, going back 20 years with Morrowind... But being a part of Xbox and their support, it really has allowed us to be this ambitious and take these risks...and fingers crossed."

As noted, Bethesda actually has quite a long history of publishing and developing games for Xbox, going all the way back to the days of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind on the original Xbox console.

Todd's comments follow on from the Xbox Boss Phil Spencer recently mentioning in a Giant Bomb sit-down interview how every one of Xbox's QA staff has been playing Starfield - to investigate bug counts and the overall quality of the experience.

Bethesda has also called on others such as id Software for support, making Starfield a huge collaborative effort within Team Xbox.

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