Alright, so, we know that Xbox boss Phil Spencer is regularly trying out the latest and greatest titles on Xbox - you can see as much by just having a quick glance at his Xbox Live gamertag. However, the Xbox chief has just been spotted going back in time a little bit, back to the Xbox 360 Arcade days.

Reddit user DownGoesCat has recently snagged a picture of Phil playing 2010's Doritos Crash Course; an Xbox Live Arcade classic that we remember fondly from the 360 era.

It looks like the Xbox boss has managed to squeeze in some play time on this cult classic, then - makes a difference from checking out the latest Game Pass titles we suppose!

He's not the only one that still revisits this old school gameshow romp on Xbox either. Last summer we spotted pockets of players going back and revisiting this one too - after all, it is backwards compatible on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S. In fact, you can even still find multiplayer games on Xbox Live if enough folks are playing!

This is actually tempting us to go back and see what we remember of it to be honest. It must be a tiny install on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, so why not?!

Do you feel like following in Phil's footsteps and reinstalling Doritos Crash Course? Let us know if you still play it!