Remember Doritos Crash Course? This was a free game released as part of the Xbox Live Arcade library on Xbox 360 in late 2010, and it ended up proving a massive hit, even going on to receive a sequel in the form of Crash Course 2.

Every now and then, we see small pockets of Xbox fans popping up and talking about their admiration for this game, and that's exactly what's been happening in the Xbox One Reddit community this week, acquiring thousands of upvotes.

So yes, the nostalgia is real! People have been sharing their fond memories of Crash Course over the past 24 hours, pointing out that it was in many ways a precursor to Fall Guys, adopting a similar obstacle course format to that game:

Better yet, many fans of the game have been pointing out that they still play Doritos Crash Course even in 2022, as it's backwards compatible on Xbox One, Series X and Series S, and you can still even find online players sometimes!

The only downside with Doritos Crash Course is that the second game was delisted years ago, so the only version you can play these days is the original. Still, we think it holds up to this day, and at least the online multiplayer still works!

Crash Course is one of many games you can download for free on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S with no catches whatsoever, and it's joined by other great 360 titles such as Too Human and Crackdown 1 & 2!

Do you still play Doritos Crash Course? Let us know down in the comments section below.