Phil Spencer has just been through quite a busy month with the Xbox Games Showcase and the Microsoft v FTC hearing, and now that he has got through it all, he's of course unwinding with some Xbox Game Pass.

So, what's he been playing? In an update on social media, it appears he's been spending some time with the fairytale adventure Ravenlok - showcasing an encounter with a boss. The developer Cococucumber certainly appreciated the publicity as well, responding to the tweet and thanking him for the chance to be a part of ID@Xbox.

Ravenlok made its Xbox Game Pass debut back in May of this year. Although it has received some mixed scores, it seems to have provided plenty of entertainment for subscribers to the service so far. Here's a bit about it:

"Ravenlok's life takes a turn for the unexpected when she stumbles through a magical mirror into a troubled kingdom. Explore fantastical realms, meet mad characters and defeat dark monsters to end the Caterpillar Queen’s reign of terror. Your destiny awaits in an action-packed, coming of age adventure."

Have you tried out Ravelok on Game Pass yet? Has Phil encouraged you to give it a go? Comment below.