Upcoming cosmic-horror FPS Quantum Error has been slated for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S for multiple years now, but the PS5 version was the first to be announced, and it'll also now officially be debuting on that platform.

The game's been getting a lot of discussion on social media over the past few days, with the team taking to Twitter to explain that the Xbox version was "definitely going to take a bit of time" due to SSD reasons:

"We have started looking into optimizing the game for Xbox, but it is definitely going to take a bit of time unfortunately; QE has been made to be played with the PS5’s extremely fast SSD, the Xbox SSD is quite a bit slower and so we are going to have to change things quite a bit to make up for that difference in speed."

This caused quite a stir amongst the Xbox community, with the Quantum Error team elaborating on their comments in a follow-up tweet, advising that when it does release on Xbox, it'll still run at the same FPS and graphical quality as PS5:

"We did not say the game does not run or work on the Xbox, the game runs at 60fps at the same graphic quality on the Xbox as the PS5. We only pointed out that the SSD on the Xbox is slower and that we have to find a way to figure that out."

"We have a boss fight in QE that swaps levels instantaneously 4-5 times like the Rachet and Clank game, without the extra speed of the SSD in the PS5 this boss fight could stall or hitch while transitioning, which will hamper the experience."

If you look at it on paper, it's true that the PS5's internal SSD features a raw throughput of 5.5GB/s compared to the Xbox Series X's 2.4GB/s, although commenters have pointed out that Direct Storage could potentially alleviate any woes that Quantum Error is facing on Xbox, which the team has acknowledged "might solve everything":

Here's a final note from the team about the Xbox version:

"We want to set the record straight that answering a question honestly was in no way us bashing Xbox for anything, all we did was point out the current issue that we have come across and that we will have to spend more time to fix it. A different platform may require different solutions, nothing wrong with that. We will not release the Xbox version until it is ready and want Xbox fans to be able to enjoy the game experience and quality as much as PS5 fans."

When it does finally arrive, Quantum Error will see you taking the role of Capt. Jacob Thomas as you attempt to escape a burning complex that's been attacked by an unknown entity, with the mission "quickly plummeting into darkness".

You can check out some brand-new Quantum Error gameplay at the top of the article!

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