Microsoft has been talking in more depth today about Xbox Velocity Architecture, which will be integrated as part of the Xbox Series X to 'drive gaming innovation forward' on the next-gen console. You can watch the new trailer above.

The Architecture comprises four major components - the Custom NVME SSD, Hardware Accelerated Decompression, New DirectStorage API and Sampler Feedback Streaming (SFS). We won't get into all the details and specs of these here, but you can get as technical as you like in the full article over at Xbox Wire.

Microsoft says that the Velocity Architecture is the "soul" of the Xbox Series X, and provides a new level of performance and capabilities well beyond the raw specifications of the hardware itself.

"The Xbox Velocity Architecture fundamentally rethinks how a developer can take advantage of the hardware provided by the Xbox Series X. From entirely new rendering techniques to the virtual elimination of loading times, to larger, more dynamic living worlds where, as a gamer, you can choose how you want to explore, we can’t be more excited by the early results we are already seeing."

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