About a month ago, we brought you the news that Illfonic's Friday the 13th game was being delisted at the end of 2023, as the team moves on from its asymmetric multiplayer spin on the famous horror franchise. However, this age-old slasher isn't going down without a fight.

Coinciding with the delisting announcement was the news that the game would be drastically reduced in price on all platforms prior to its removal from storefronts, and that discount has done wonders for the game's popularity right now. At the time of writing, Friday the 13th is No. 8 on the "Top Paid" Xbox charts in the US, and it sits inside the top 20 in the UK as well.

Between now and when the game goes offline this December, Friday the 13th costs just £4.19 on the UK store, and $4.99 in the US. The game's servers will remain live until a year after its delisting too, so multiplayer will be playable through the end of 2024 - after which you'll only have the game's offline modes to play.

Having said that, right now the game is running on player-hosted servers and has been since late 2020 when the dedicated servers closed after years of dispute over the license. Still, the game is more than playable, and should be well worth a shot for less than a fiver on Xbox!

Have you been playing this game since its closure announcement? Let us know if you enjoyed the asymmetric spin on Friday the 13th!

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