Redfall might have been a disappointment for many players at launch, but Arkane Studios is still busy working away on updates to improve the experience — with a 60FPS performance mode also coming at some point in the future.

The latest update for the game arrives in the form of Hotfix v1.11, which is mainly focused around fixing bugs as well as improving "game stability and save functionality". It's a small update, but it's nice to get one all the same!

Here are the full patch notes for Redfall's v1.11 update:

User Interface

  • The ‘Starting Gear’ tutorial now displays for new Heroes when joining a friend’s campaign


  • Screen narration now narrates in the following states:
    • All players have left the Lobby
    • Players have been kicked from the game
    • Loading screen status


  • Fixed an issue where interacting with certain Psychic Echoes would prevent them from playing again during a session
  • Fixed an issue where successfully destroying a Nest was not awarding XP in single player sessions
  • Fixed an issue where successfully destroying a Nest was not increasing the Rook Storm meter


  • Fixed an issue where certain Hero Abilities would prevent players from being able to stake the Black Sun


  • Fixed an issue where Vampires would not correctly pursue players after teleporting in rapid succession


  • Nest Characteristics now correctly display the variation rolled for the encounter

Performance & Stability

  • General improvements to game stability and save functionality

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