Following the game's recent appearance at the Xbox Games Showcase, developer Ninja Theory has dropped one of its slickly-produced Hellblade 2 dev diaries - giving us a closer look at the work going into the title behind the scenes.

There's some serious motion capture going into making lead character Senua look as authentic as possible, and if that hasn't come across in the trailers so far, then it certainly will after watching this new video.

The above clip also goes into a bit more detail about how Ninja Theory crafted that Xbox Games Showcase trailer - sometimes we underestimate how much work goes into bringing these Showcase trailers to life!

While Hellblade 2 has looked quite far along in development even since its superb The Game Awards 2021 showing, it's not coming out this year, sadly. Ninja Theory has penned this one in for 2024 on Xbox Game Pass, and they're definitely putting in the work to make it happen.

Excited to go hands on with Hellblade 2? Let us know what you thought of its 2023 showing!