You may recall that a few weeks ago, the Xbox ANZ Twitter account fueled speculation that some kind of Psychonauts 3 announcement could be in the works, but according to Double Fine's Tim Schafer, that's not the case.

Speaking to the "Cressup" YouTube channel this week, Schafer admitted that he didn't see the Twitter post from Xbox ANZ, confirming that he's "not working on Psychonauts 3". However, he did tease that perhaps we'll hear something about what the studio is working on before the end of 2023.

"We’re kind of at the ‘Willy Wonka, closed doors’ phase. But soon we could open and cause a lot of harm to a lot of children, just like Willy Wonka.”

There's obviously a lot of demand for a Psychonauts follow-up considering how well-received the sequel was a couple of years ago — it's still one of the highest-rated Xbox Series X games on Metacritic - but it seems the studio wants to take a break from that world for now. That is, unless there's some kind of spin-off in the works!

For us here at Pure Xbox, we'd love to see either a totally new IP from Double Fine, or a sequel to Brutal Legend. The latter seems unlikely right now, but there's just so much potential there, especially with Jack Black in the driving seat!

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