Tim Schafer Is Still Battling To Get All The Achievements In Brutal Legend
Image: Double Fine

You'd think that being the creator of a game would give you all the tips and tricks for achieving the full 1000 Gamerscore, but Tim Schafer doesn't appear to be so lucky, and is still finding it challenging to gather all the achievements over a decade later in Brutal Legend for Xbox 360.

Speaking to Stevivor, Schafer is still struggling to get the achievement known as Cönquerer, which is awarded for winning 50 ranked multiplayer matches in the game. Unfortunately for Schafer, everyone who played the game and embraced the multiplayer "got too good, too fast", leaving him trailing behind and unable to rack up those wins.

“I’ve never fully 100%ed Brutal Legend because you have to get 50 ranked victories, and just everyone got too good, too fast. I couldn’t. I could do friendly matches, but I could never get ranked. I play every year, on the anniversary, so maybe eventually after 50 years I’ll do it, I’m sure. After 50 years I’ll do it."

Being over ten years old, we imagine it's not the easiest game to find matches for now - outside of perhaps a loyal community. As for the game itself, it's severely underrated. If you've never checked out Brutal Legend, it's well worth a look and is a massively underrated title from the Xbox 360 generation. It doesn't always get it right, but when it hits, it hits hard, and contains some of the highest peaks in Double Fine's history.

You never know, you may get to play against the legend himself that is Tim Schafer!

Managed to beat Tim Schafer and get the full 1000 in Brutal Legend? Drop us a comment and let us know.

[source stevivor.com]