Does Starfield Include A Disc? Bethesda Causes Confusion With Contradictory Tweets

Update: We've got a definitive answer! Bethesda has updated its official Starfield pre-order FAQ today to confirm that the standard version of the game will include a disc on Xbox Series X and PC.

"Starfield Standard Edition is included with Xbox Game Pass. Game disc included with physical purchases of Xbox Standard Edition. Game code included with physical purchases of PC Standard Edition."

Original story: If you were browsing social media over the weekend, you may have noticed a bit of talk about Starfield's physical version not shipping with a disc, and this is due to a tweet that Bethesda actually ended up deleting shortly afterwards.

The tweet, which was from Bethesda Support in response to a fan, mentioned that all physical editions of Starfield only come with a code for Xbox or PC (depending on the platform you choose), with no physical discs available.

As a result, lots of people began running with the news:

However, the original tweet was then deleted. Following this, it was discovered that back on June 13th, the Spanish Twitter account for Bethesda had been telling players that Starfield would come with a physical disc, and it was only the special Constellation Edition that would ship as a code-only product.

Here's a translation from that tweet:

"Hello partners! It depends on the edition. For example, the standard has a disc, while the Constellation Edition has a code engraved on a collector's item..."

So, that's where we are as things stand! We'll obviously let you know when Bethesda provides more clarification on this, but it looks like we'll be getting physical discs for Starfield after all — we certainly hope so, anyway.

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