Microsoft Rewards Adds Multiple New Features, Including A 'Streak Protection' Toggle

It's not unfair to say that Microsoft Rewards has suffered for Xbox users over the past year, but clearly the company is still committed to the program, with multiple new features rolling out for Xbox fans and beyond over the past few days.

These new features aren't specific to Xbox, but they'll still come in handy. The most notable one is the ability to protect your daily streak on the Microsoft Rewards browser version/app - perfect for things like vacations, for example.

There's also the ability to "restore" your streak if you've accidentally missed a day:

"Streak Restore: eligible users who accidentally miss a day can restore their streak once every 60 days. If you have more than a 100-day streak, you can restore it once a month."

"Streak Protection: Just toggle it on in advance to protect your streak so you don't lose it! You receive up to 14 days per calendar year of streak protection. If you complete your streak while streak protection is turned on, it will not count against your quota of days."

Elsewhere, you can also currently earn a free Super Duolingo trial by searching on Microsoft Edge for three days in a row (redeemable via the MS Rewards website), and there's now the ability to donate your points to over 200 markets.

As of this week, Microsoft Rewards is now available in over 230 countries and regions (it's just rolled out in Morocco), so here's hoping the Xbox side gets more improvements soon - we just want the "Play with Friends" quest back!

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