Xbox's Redfall Drops Out Of US Top Played Charts Less Than A Month After Launch

It's perhaps not a huge surprise to hear that Redfall, Arkane's latest Xbox launch, is no longer charting as a top played game on Xbox Live - at least in the US.

Yep, less than a month after its Xbox Game Pass launch, Redfall is now no longer included in Xbox's 'most played games' list in the region. Interestingly, the game just makes the cut here in the UK right now, coming in at 2nd to last in the UK top 50 chart.

Despite the team's strong focus on co-op play, Redfall is seemingly not keeping players interested enough to continue playing - even on Xbox Game Pass. However, the game did only launch at 30 frames per second, so there's a decent chance that some Game Pass players are holding off on that performance mode to properly jump into Redfall.

Aside from the team's pre-launch reassurance that a 60FPS mode would land after release, we've heard very little about Bethesda's future plans for Redfall. The game's social media pages have gone dark for the last two weeks, and we have no timeline on when an update is coming. Outside of re-posting community content, this is the team's last tweet:

Here's hoping that Arkane is heads down on a major patch that not only delivers 60FPS on console, but also fixes some of Redfall's biggest problems. If such an update arrives soon - the game may be able to creep back into the top played Xbox charts in the US!

Have you played much of Redfall over the last few weeks? Let us know how you've found it so far.

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