Xbox Fan Shares Useful List Of All Game Pass Games With VR Support

It's not very often that we talk about VR here at Pure Xbox, but it is a valid way of playing some of your favourite Xbox Game Pass games. Of course, the only way to play them is on PC, but nevertheless there are plenty of them!

Microsoft Flight Simulator, for example, is incredibly immersive in VR if you've got a powerful enough PC to run it, as is Star Wars: Squadrons (which isn't as nausea-inducing as you might expect!). Then, you've also got the likes of F1 22, Hitman: World of Assassination and No Man's Sky, all of which boast native VR support as well.

We knew about these already, but Reddit user u/lunchanddinner has taken things one step further, listing not only the native Game Pass VR titles, but also the Game Pass games that work with VR mods, as well as the games that used to be on Game Pass but still boast VR support if you happen to own them.

We'll let you check out the list for yourself below. Hit the "Read More" button to open up the Reddit post:

Don't forget that if you own a Meta Quest 2, you don't necessarily have to link up to your PC with a cable in order to play these games, as the "Air Link" feature allows you to connect wirelessly and play with more freedom. It works great!

Oh, and if your PC isn't good enough, you can always try flatscreen Xbox Cloud Gaming in VR instead.

Have you tried any of these VR-supported Xbox Game Pass experiences? Tell us in the comments below.