Poll: Do You Think The Xbox ActiBlizz Deal Will Still Go Ahead?

Now that the dust has settled on last month's UK CMA ActiBlizz verdict, we've been left wondering what happens next. We have the EU verdict supposedly right around the corner, we have the FTC's ongoing lawsuit and of course, Microsoft has already committed to fighting the UK's verdict in an attempt to overturn the ruling.

To be honest, we initially thought the CMA verdict may have all-but killed Xbox's chances of success, but now that some time has passed, we still think Microsoft's huge deal could happen.

Just this past weekend, reports have been doing the rounds that the Xbox owner has now hired an 'EU-beating' lawyer to fight the CMA. According to said reports, the lawyer in question recently represented Apple and Intel in successful cases against the EU - only time will tell if that success will translate to a case against the UK authority over Activision Blizzard.

Of course, there's also the point that the UK is just a small slither of the global gaming market, and plenty of other nations have already approved the deal. The UK, US and EU seem to be the big three in regards to this being a success, but other regions approving the acquisition should still be taken into account - we ultimately don't know much sway those will have for Microsoft.

If the UK authority did refuse to back down, we're not sure how things would unfold there — whether Xbox would look at dealing with that specific market differently etc. — but still, it feels unlikely that one region would effectively block the whole deal if everywhere else approves it - especially the FTC and the EU.

So, at this stage, where do you think things stand? Do you think the deal will still go ahead, or does the CMA's recent ruling all-but kill this deal from where you see it?

Vote in the poll and let us know what you reckon happens next.

Do You Think The Xbox ActiBlizz Will Still Go Ahead? (2,178 votes)

  1. Yep, I think Xbox will overturn the UK verdict and go on to be successful33%
  2. I think it'll happen, but with even more concessions28%
  3. I've no idea to be honest - it's hanging in the balance!13%
  4. I think it's very unlikely after this CMA verdict13%
  5. Nope, I think the deal is dead12%