New Xbox Game Pass Walmart+ Perk Includes Free Access To Paramount Plus (US)

We have a brand new Xbox Game Pass perk now available that grants a pretty chunky free trial! This one is a US-exclusive, allowing Game Pass users in the country to try out Walmart+ for free for 75 days.

We don't have access to this perk here in the UK, so here's a look courtesy of Game Pass Counter on Twitter:

What's cool here, is that Walmart's subscription service also includes Paramount+, something that's been available as a Game Pass perk before. However, this time it's wrapped up in Walmart's premium service. Here are the major perks included with a Walmart+ subscription:

  • Paramount Plus Subscription
  • Free Grocery Delivery
  • Free Shipping
  • Early Access To Sales
  • Walmart Rewards

If you're planning on grabbing this perk through Xbox Game Pass, you'll have to redeem Microsoft's offer by July 15th. Outside of this free trial, the service will cost users $12.95 per month, so be aware of that before accidentally allowing the trial to continue!

How To Get Walmart+ For Free With Xbox Game Pass

  1. Make sure you're signed up to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  2. Open 'Xbox Game Pass' and then 'Perks' on your Xbox console (or use the mobile app)
  3. Search for the Walmart+ Perk (U.S. only)
  4. Follow the instructions to redeem

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