Is Xbox's Phil Spencer Already Playing The New Asus Gaming Handheld?

Phil Spencer yesterday appeared on the Kinda Funny Games Xcast, and while the focus was mostly on the state of Redfall and Xbox's gaming division, we did spot a new backdrop addition we haven't seen before.

The possible teaser appeared behind Phil on his now-famous shelving - known for giving fans a glimpse of what's on the horizon. On this occasion, a brand new 'Asus ROG Ally' handheld gaming device appears, as pointed out in the tweet down below. Phil's been seen with a Nintendo Switch in similar situations in the past, so perhaps this was a gift from Asus as well...

The Asus ROG Ally arrives next week on May 11th and is being marketed as a "Windows Gaming Handheld" that pushes the boundaries of PC gaming on the go - allowing users to pick up and play their extensive libraries wherever they are. We should have some of our own impressions of the device in the coming days here at Pure Xbox.

What do you think Phil is up to with this new Asus ROG Ally? Leave your best guesses below.