Xbox Boss Insists Microsoft Will Deliver A Packed Schedule Of Releases

The Xbox Series X|S generation has had a lot of exciting moments, but there's also been a lot of delays and a lot of waiting for releases. So, when will Microsoft actually start getting more games out the door on a regular basis?

Speaking on the Kinda Funny Games Xcast, Microsoft's head of gaming Phil Spencer admitted he understood fans were tired of hearing the same old responses about big games coming soon, but insists the situation really is beginning to improve - mentioning how he can "only look forward".

Here's exactly what he had to say on the show:

"I can say now and everybody can already stop [with] 'I don't want to hear what Phil has to say about the future' and I fully respect that point of view, [but] we've got Starfield coming, we've got Forza coming, we've got Hellblade coming, like we've got collections of games, I'm seeing very good builds of Avowed... I can see it, but until you have a controller in your hand and you're smiling from playing our games, none of my words should matter."

He also touched on how up until Redfall, Xbox had gotten off to a respectable start in 2023 with releases like the surprise hit Hi-Fi RUSH, Age of Empires 2 for console and more recently released Minecraft Legends.

So there you go, we're apparently on the cusp of greatness with Xbox, we've just got to get to Starfield, the new Forza Motorsport, and then see what's next. Noticeably, Phil also mentioned there are "collections" on the way. We wonder what that could hint at...

Of course, the next big occasion for Xbox is the upcoming games showcase, taking place on 11th June, 2023. Microsoft and Phil are already teasing "new surprises" and even some "first-looks" from the company's large roster of studios.

Do you think the situation really will improve towards the tail end of 2023? Leave your thoughts below.